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Investment Levels

Discover what investment level works best for you!

The Basic level is designed for micro and small businesses that want to become more engaged, recognized and acknowledged in the Sumter business community. By joining at this level, you gain basic Chamber benefits and services offered. This level is designed to allow micro and small businesses an opportunity to access resources while helping the Chamber in their body of work. Restricted to 10 employees or less.

The Signature level is designed for small businesses wanting to be actively involved in the Sumter area, increase their network of professional contacts, and relationships, and take advantage of the many marketing and advertising opportunities the Chamber has to offer. Signature level receives all benefits at the Basic level in addition to those listed. Restricted to 25 employees or less.

The Leadership level is designed for mid-sized companies wanting to increase their level of participation & engagement with the Chamber through programs, events, advertising, volunteerism and leadership. Leadership level benefits include Basic & Signature levels in addition to those listed.

The Executive level is designed for established businesses that are focused on community engagement and growth while becoming key partners within the community. Executive level receives benefits associated with Basic, Signature, and Leadership levels in addition to those listed.

Strategic Partner
Strategic Partner is designed for any business that is committed to the well-being of the Sumter business community while actively increasing their engagement and participation with the Chamber of Commerce. Strategic Partners are an integral part of the Chamber's body of work and receive benefits associated with Basic, Signature, Leadership, and Executive levels in addition to those listed.

The Shareholder level is designed for businesses and major employers in the Sumter area. These companies find investing in the Chamber is critical, as it is a valuable resource in accomplishing their own objectives while helping progress the business community. Shareholders take ownership in Quality of life, economic development, community engagement, and advocacy. Shareholders receive benefits associated with Basic, Signature, Leadership, Executive, & Strategic Partner levels in addition to those listed.

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