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Business and School Partnerships

Our Goal:  For every school in Sumter School District to be adopted by a team of "Partners in Education."

"So much of our future depends on today's education system! It is imperative that we invest in our schools today if in the coming years we are to have the quality of life and developed workforce for our community to grow and thrive. It is much more than philanthropy - it is about being committed and involved to enrich the experience of education. Our Educators and students need to know we support them and will help prepare them for tomorrow's opportunities."


-Greg Thompson

President & CEO

Thompson Family of Companies



The Sumter Partners In Education program is a joint venture between the Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce and Sumter’s public and private schools. By establishing and maintaining creative, quality partnerships to support Sumter’s schools, our community is making a positive difference for Sumter’s children. Individuals, businesses, and groups are all instrumental in the success of our partnership efforts.

No business or organization is too large or small to serve as a partner.  Each can contribute in a variety of ways, all of which are integral in ensuring each student receives the best education possible. Partner activities include financial contributions, in-kind donations and services, sponsorship of events and awards, attendance and academic incentives, internships, volunteering, and mentoring. In turn, schools offer the partners what they can in order to make the partnership truly beneficial for both partners.

Partnerships not only benefit students and schools, they also strengthen and provide advantages to the community. Today’s students will be the workforce of tomorrow.  By investing in students’ education, the local community is essentially investing in itself to ensure its success for tomorrow. Become a Sumter Partner In Education, and help make students’ dreams come true.


Interested in being a Partner in Education? Email to get started.

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