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2022 Legislative Priorities

Education and Workforce Development

The Greater Sumter Chamber Supports:

  • The increase of Teacher compensation to equal the national average.
  • Expand expungement for non-violent offenders while creating a state tax credit for hiring returning citizens.
  • Full exemption of military retirement income.
  • Allow lottery tuition assistance to be used for those seeking high-quality industrial certifications.
  • Allow for Remote School Enrollment which provides that a military member transferring to South Carolina can enroll their child in the public education system prior to arriving in the state with a copy of their orders.

Taxes and Regulations

The Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce Supports:

  • Improve access to childcare as our economy seeks to rebound from the COVID-19 work from home orders.
  • Continue to target companies from high-tax states to relocate to South Carolina.
  • Comprehensive tax reform that allows for a more fair, equitable and competitive system for our business community.
  • Continue to support high-speed broadband infrastructure in cities and rural areas.
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