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Chamber Members,

Most of you know that during yesterday’s press conference with Governor McMaster, no decision was made regarding a “Shelter at Home” policy which means Sumter is still open for business. We have included some information on our website here that will provide more information as we receive it on our home page titled Covid-19 resources. We also have information for employers and employees that are included in the expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) under the announcements page.

In addition, we know that those of you who are working from home still need a way to stay in contact with your employees, vendors and customers. Below is a list of resources that will help you stay connected during this crisis.

-Skype for Business: audio and video conferencing. You will need to create a Skype account, and then you're able to sync with SharePoint in Microsoft, and share media. FREE download.

-Facebook Messenger: able to text chat, audio message, or face-to-face web conferencing within the app, may be useful for getting into contact directly with businesses through their Facebook page, FREE .

-Zoom: used by many educators currently. Easy to use, chat/audio/video available, can show screen in real-time, can be online or in app, FREE to sign up by using work email, ZoomPlus offers more for a price

-GoToMeeting: one-click meetings, collaboration meetings made easier, webinars available, cloud recordings, Office365 plug in, Cost starting at $12.00.

-TeamViewer: software for audio and video conferences, interactive screen sharing, Cost starting at $49.00.

-Microsoft Teams: uses SharePoint to share files in Office programs, conference calls, group chat, FREE to those with Office365 program package, Costs start at $12.95/month for others.

Also, please don’t forget to complete our survey that was sent yesterday here If there is anything we can do for you please don’t hesitate to call us. Let us use our resources to help you!

Have a great day,

Chris Hardy, CCE, IOM
President & CEO

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