• 2019 Chamber of Commerce Legislative Priorities

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    December 04, 2018
    2019 Legislative Priorities

    Education and Workforce Development
    The Greater Sumter Chamber Supports:  
    • Collaboration between the State, Central Carolina Technical College and the Sumter School District to ensure the fulfillment of a Technical High School in Sumter.
    • Bringing South Carolina teacher pay equal to the 16 state Southeast average.
    • Providing a greater focus of soft skills development for Middle and High School students.
    The Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce Opposes: 
    • The passage of Medical Marijuana which could lead to additional issues relating to workforce retention and hiring. 
    Taxes and Regulations
    The Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce Supports: 
    • Adopting a uniform business license application process to expedite permitting for companies across local jurisdictions without negatively impacting municipal revenue.
    • Reviewing the South Carolina tax code to find an alternative to Act 388, removing the undue tax burden on local businesses.
    • Reauthorize the Angel Investment Tax Credit to encourage South Carolinians to invest in startup businesses. 
    The Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce Supports:  
    • Full exemption of state income taxes for military retirement, making South Carolina the premier location for retirees.
    • Adoption of Reciprocal Licensing for military spouses allowing occupational or professional licenses to be honored from other states providing original license is maintained and kept current.
    Chris Hardy, President & CEO
    (803) 775-1231
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      2018 Annual Gala
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      2018 Annual Gala
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